Old School High Impact Phone Selling


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High Impact Selling 

Benefits of the High Impact Old School Phone Selling-

Cost-effective - 6X over direct mail or advertising

Those stats came from Grant Cardone.

I always hated phone sales because not everyone likes to be pitched too. I also hated getting yelled at and hung up on. 

One way that I got around becoming a nuisance instead of a welcome guest was by sending a personal letter to the prospect first. Then follow up with the phone. 

Don't confuse phone sales with telemarketing or Robo Calls. 

What you are learning here is a way for your business to get more sales faster than just using follow up emails or social media prospecting. 

When I get on the phone with a prospect I usually, not always, sell them on my service better and faster than I can through email or even a letter. 

That is why statistics are high for the phone sales. Grant Cardone is the author of "The 10X Rule," and if you want higher sales in your business one of the easiest ways is to use old-school phone sales. According to his email 6X higher than email marketing or even online-offline advertising.

According to Flo Kunle, of iconsultelite.com, states: "Saleforce did a study that showed you can get 8% "response rate" on average with phone outreach vs .03% with email marketing. That's over a 2000% difference."

High Ticket Telephone Sales

High Ticket telephone sales are achievable by any business. You don't need to be a real-estate broker, or a door to door vacuum salesman to get results through the phone. 


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