True Email Marketing Lies Gurus Likes to Tell


Why I don't email like Ben Settle

Why don't I email like Ben Settle?

 I use RSS silly-willy.
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Reason #1: If email marketing is done wrong you will look

like a spammer. Who in their right mind wants to look like a spammer?

Reason #2: You need a business plan, a content plan, and a marketing plan. That's too much planning for me.

Reason #3: You need a squeeze page. Great designs cost a lot of money and you still need first to test and track your conversions rates.

Reason #4: You need a good autoresponder service. Without this, you are dead in the water anyway. Not to mention out of pocket $20 to $50 a month.

Reason #5: The inbox war Competition is too great. It seems that there is so much noise in the inbox that the probability of your message getting notice is slim to none.

Now I am not saying email marketing is dead. It's not. For most folks that market their services and products if you are not in your prospects radar in the back of their mind somewhere, you might as well be another spammer.

This may sound daunting but there is another way to communicate with your tribe, assuming you have a tribe, to begin with.

You should also make sure that you're sending out your new blog posts by RSS. That' s a very easy way to keep readers coming back.

Readers of your blog can put RSS feeds on their browsers and get them through email, you can be sure that they'll be coming back on a regular basis.

The way around email is called RSS. Real simple syndication for short. If you have a blog, WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, you should have an RSS feed for your blog.

This is the way communications have been for a decade or longer and works. The problem is just many bloggers don't know how to use the power of RSS.

The Future of the Internet

The future of the Internet is not in search engines, and emails. Those are the 5 reason why I don't email. Allen Says, the creator of Warrior forum said this from his book Private Posts Vol. One.

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True Email Marketing Lies Gurus Likes to Tell

There's so much information on the Internet that teaches you how to sell your digital products, how to backend sales and follow up with your customers. This post of email marketing tips is no different, except you’re going to discover 4 lies email marketing gurus like to tell. 

I have been on several email lists for years. Few have fantastic subject lines, gives out great information, but many have lied to you!

They aren’t telling you the real story. How do they do this? They leave out important information and never tell you about it.

Okay, that was a freebie.

Read on to learn the true lies guru’s like to tell about email marketing.

Lie #1: The Follow-up. There are a lot of new email marketers that don’t know they can move the prospect to a different list which is called “the customer list.”
Here’s the scoop; when a prospect purchases a product from you that you have on your general list, you need to move them from that list over to a customer list. The reason for this is- they may purchase more from you. Think about this for a moment…

They trusted you enough to purchase your product. If they like the product well enough they will purchase more. Moving them over your customer list, you can follow up with emails asking them how like your product, what would they change if they could and so forth. Then you can pitch them with more relevant offers that you create.

There are two ways to move a customer. Either you do it manually inside of your autoresponder system or the new customer does it for you.

Let’s focus on how to get the customer to do it for you:

When a customer purchases your product they are taken to a payment processor like PayPal. Where they actually make the purchase. Then they need to click a button that says return to merchant.
At this point,  you can redirect them to a page that has a new list form on it.

This will look much like a squeeze page with simple instructions. “Enter your name and email address in the form below and you will receive future updates to this product.”

Now there is nothing for them to do but subscribe to your customer list. They haven’t received your product yet and let me tell you, they want what they just paid for so they are going to do whatever you ask them to do at this point.

So what makes this a lie?

Ben Settle has never taught this to his general list. He probably does if you subscribe to his psychical email newsletter “email Players club,” which cost $97.00 a month. Listen when a guru doesn’t at least mention a good tip like this to his subscribers,  it’s just the same as lying.

Lie #2: Double Opt-In. 

For the last couple of years list owners have been trying to make the process of getting on their list as simple as possible. Email marketing gurus have always taught that you need to have a list subscriber double opt-in.

Which means after subscribing they need to go into their email client, find your email and click a link inside the email that shows they really want it.

This isn’t a lie, but what you don’t know is most don’t do it. For instance, I recently registered with a well-respected Internet marketer and it was a single opt-in list.

This Internet marker has created over 5 email marketing products since 2000 and in all of them he taught and instilled in his reader's minds that double opt-in is the only way to run an email marketing business.

Lie#3: The Money is in the list. 

Here is another lie guru’s like to tell... the money isn’t in the list at all.
It’s in the relationship you build with your list. In order to form a relationship with a list you need two things:

1.      Quality Content + interaction with subscribers i.e. ask questions, take surveys, contests, etc. and
2.      Get as many of the right people onto your list, while keeping as many of the wrong people off your list as possible.

Lie #4: Size Matters.

 Okay, stop giggling class is in session, darn it!

The last lie I hear email marketing gurus tell is that you need a huge list.

Some even mention I won’t joint venture with anyone with a list smaller than 50,000.

I have lists that have had less than 300 subscribers and won big affiliate contests and whoop the snot out of some of the top guru’s in that niche with smaller lists.


Because some of these gurus send offer after offer to their subscribers and never really form a real relationship.

Think quality over quantity. 


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