2 Step Formula for Million Dollar Copy

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Gary Halberts 2 Step Formula for Million Dollar Copy Writing Success

What is the 2 Step Formula for Million Dollar Copy?
It's definitely not your usual blog post on copywriting. For one thing, it will take you over 6 hours to digest this post. 

I highly suggest that you bookmark this site. That way you can come back to it.

"Million Dollar Copy" is different. It isn't a technique or a process. It's a way of thinking, a way of approaching copy that significantly increases your results.

I had spent the day cleaning, painting, decorating and installing my wife's new washer and dryer in the laundry room. It was after midnight when I posted and I wasn't in my right mind.
Actually, it was pretty stupid, and after writing this formula out I know now that I am really stupidly retarded.


Because... I could have packaged this up in a nice product and sold it.

You decide what it is worth.

That my friend is up to you to decide after you finish reading.

Now I am going to ask you to do two things for me.

First ...

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You can say anything that you want to say but the one thing that I want you to put in the comment area below is how much you think this information is really worth to you?


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True to my word, I am going to hand to you on a golden charger today...

Gary Halberts 2 Step Formula for Million dollar Copy Writing Success.

I don't care how many books you've read, how many interviews you have to listen too, or letters you've written. I'm willing to bet that you're one of the 99.8% of marketers and writers who don't really "Get" what makes the true million-dollar copy.

 Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton and the few others of crazy Top Notch copywriting rebels that have the balls to create powerful magnetic campaigns for their own products and more importantly someone else, that creates such a "Got to have it desires" with the buying public they are willing to take out a third mortgage on their home, dip into their children's college fund, or even, almost... sell their souls to get what is pitch to them in print whether online or offline consistently.

This is "Million Dollar Copy Writing"

Wife Of Famous Movie Star Swears
Under Oath Her New Perfume Does Not
Contain An Illegal Sexual Stimulant!

By the way, even if you've written copy that has sold $1,000,000 or more
If you think about what you're about to read here and test it in your writing and marketing you may quickly become one of the 2% who really gets the "Big Idea".

Gary Halbert, was a thinker, a tinker of his own mind and others. He wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty either. He was a tester too. In my post, I gave you two bullet points that reflect the power mind of Sir Halbert.

The first one about making $98,000 in a few short hours with a simple email.

 I listened to GH himself tell in an interview orchestrated by Micheal Fortain that he made after mailing his list. Right now I am on a new computer so, I haven't transferred my 200 gigs of information and swipe files over.

 I am playing this by memory.

 I don't remember what kind of product he was offering.

The perfume was for "Tova Borgnine" and according to his son Bond Halbert, Gary was working on her campaign when he saw an ad for making your own perfume. When he found out the main ingredient for perfume and the scent that most women like he himself had a jeweler make a nice bottle for him and created his formula perfume for her.

Gary then wrote her campaign spending a few months in thought and a half a day writing the copy for the space ad that literally had the Fire Marshall's and police department almost close down Tova's perfume debut.

You really couldn't make this stuff up.

2Step Formula

The hotel I believe was the Ritz Carlton and Tova rented a hall that held 7,000 people and officials were sending thousands away after the hall was filled to capacity. It almost caused a riot. I might be wrong about the name of the hotel like I said...

(writing this on the fly with none of my research.)

Gary had a 2 step process or formula for creating not only Million Dollar Copy, but the 2 step process has nothing to do with writing.

The writing process is secondary to these 2 skills you need to master.

Skill #1 The Marketers "Big Idea" Mindset:

 Listening intently to your client according to Gary, in his newsletter "The Big Idea," and from his son Bond, had a childlike interest in listening to his clients about there product.

He would throw question after question until his client's life was about all suck out of him. Ok, that was a little intense, but he would have an all day long questions session hammering them about there product taking it apart to it's most basic elements and then try to figure out how to build it back.

Dwelling on all of the facts that he pulled from his client's brain and there begins the process of a million dollar copy writer's mindset.

Gary would spend weeks in this process alone.

He probably had several notebooks filled with idea's that he would play out in his mind.

This is considered the perfect "money getting campaign."

Bond had said in one of his commentaries, Gary would be doing something else- washing the dishes when the Big Idea would strike. He would stop what he was doing and write the idea down. This process leads to...

Step #2 Patience of a Million Dollar Copy Writer

It takes time to research.

I should say it takes time and lot's of patience to research a product until you have extracted all of the nuggets and swept the dust fragments from the floor.

You can research like Gary once did until you knew that pizza, wasn't just a pizza anymore.

 The "Conception" a pizza that is far tastier, with the freshest ingredients that this earth can produce.

So, what makes your pizza better than Moe's?

It is not the ingredients, because Moe's has the same vendors as you do.

It is not the special sauce your grandma Ida passed down.

What makes your pizza so much better, tastier, fresher, and cheaper than your competitors?

 It is your story.

Yes, you need to find out or research the history of your products,.
Digging deep until you find the big idea that will change your product from coal to a diamond.

I have seen many Copywriters, ask 10 questions about a product and come back a few days later with a sales letter in hand.

Does the letter create sales?
Yes, it probably does.

However, does it create magnetic sales like Gary's campaign?
The perfume that Halbert created for Tova, in 1982, was still selling on QVC a decade later. Can we say that about our products?

It is in these two area's, The Marketers "Big Idea" mindset and Patience of a Million Dollar Copy Writer that makes the difference between a mediocre copywriter and a Million dollar Copywriter.

It isn't luck and it isn't being in the right place at the right time.
Sir Gary of Halbert, has stated that if you learn how to write good copy it wouldn't matter what kind of economic upheavals you are in.

You will always be able to make sales through copywriting.

That isn't a direct quote, by the way.

Like I have said, even veteran copywriters miss these two easy steps.
It makes a world of difference.

HEy did you like this post?

So, how much was the Big Idea worth to you?

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P.S. Following is the interviews of Gary Halbert that inspired this post.

Interview #1

Interview #2

Interview #3

Interview #4

Old School High Impact Phone Selling

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High Impact Selling 

Benefits of the High Impact Old School Phone Selling-

Cost-effective - 6X over direct mail or advertising

Those stats came from Grant Cardone.

I always hated phone sales because not everyone likes to be pitched too. I also hated getting yelled at and hung up on. 

One way that I got around becoming a nuisance instead of a welcome guest was by sending a personal letter to the prospect first. Then follow up with the phone. 

Don't confuse phone sales with telemarketing or Robo Calls. 

What you are learning here is a way for your business to get more sales faster than just using follow up emails or social media prospecting. 

When I get on the phone with a prospect I usually, not always, sell them on my service better and faster than I can through email or even a letter. 

That is why statistics are high for the phone sales. Grant Cardone is the author of "The 10X Rule," and if you want higher sales in your business one of the easiest ways is to use old-school phone sales. According to his email 6X higher than email marketing or even online-offline advertising.

According to Flo Kunle, of iconsultelite.com, states: "Saleforce did a study that showed you can get 8% "response rate" on average with phone outreach vs .03% with email marketing. That's over a 2000% difference."

High Ticket Telephone Sales

High Ticket telephone sales are achievable by any business. You don't need to be a real-estate broker, or a door to door vacuum salesman to get results through the phone. 

Killer SPort Of Content

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What I like most about sports was the content, not the game.
I always loved the way Howard Cosell, always kept things interesting with his announcement of the game on television right in front of you.

Red Smith was a great sports writer that had a wit about him.
He made yesterdays sport an event.

Both Howard Cosell, and Red Smith, were innovators of their craft.

So was Elvis Presley, Steve Jobs, Jimmy Brown, Allen Says, and the list could go on for pages.

I won’t do that to you.

I will tell you an old, old story one that you may be familiar with.

Stay with me for a  moment… I have to put on my Red Smith cap real quick.

And we're off to the races…

There’s an old story about the tortoise and the hare who challenged each other to a foot race.

At the starting line, the hare took off quick like a bullet. He looked back to see the tortoise moving along slow and steady, but way behind the hare. So the hare napped. Meanwhile, the tortoise slowly and steadily made his way to the finish line to win the race.

You can take away a great blogging lesson from this fable:

Slow and steady wins the race.

And since salesmanship is the hare and content is the tortoise, you know where to focus your efforts.

I've seen a lot of slick marketers come and go in this business in my ten years as a full-time, but those who were in this business then and still are here now all share one thing in common:

Great content.

Think about it…

You can sell anything with good marketing – once.
A great sales letter can sell a mediocre ebook, a misleading report or even a downright ghastly video.

 But as soon as the customers discover the quality of the content, they’re out the door for good.

Some will refund, some won’t, but none of them will ever buy from you again.

You’ve probably also seen people use poor content – even…
“scraper content” – to pull in traffic from the search engines.

Problem is, this content is written solely for the search engines, without any regard whatsoever for the end user.

So while the site might pull in traffic, it’s NOT going to garner any repeat visitors.

Both of the above points are examples of short-term thinking.

This sort of business model always leaves you scrambling for new customers, trying to repair their lost reputation and chasing rather than attracting customers.

Those who practice this type of marketing eventually give up!
Listen, making money doesn’t have to be that hard.

Instead of relying solely on great salesmanship to make money, why not focus on a combination of great salesmanship AND great content?

That way your marketing and sales copy bring the customer into the door – and your great content keeps them coming back again and again.

Which brings us to the next point…

I mentioned Jimmy Brown moments ago.

He was the first affiliate program I ever signed up with back in the early 2000’s.

I think it was back in 2012, Jimmy slowly began retiring all of his great products.

If you didn’t know he was an early email marketing innovator.

Jimmy is also a prolific content creator and has written more best selling products that will blow your mind.

The thing is Jimmy is coming out of retirement.

Last week he rolled out his first official product under the “Earn-Come” name.

The first was a cheat sheet titled “Dream Business.” Click here to sign up for the weekly free resource.

You’re welcome J

The second came out this afternoon titled “Business Briefs.” This is a done for you highest quality content solution that comes with full PLR rights. Over 100 pages of meaty content that you can use to make the bucks, gain a following or even…

Create a Kindle ebook.

There is a secret hidden gem in the sales letter.

That hidden gem is called “The Perfect offer cheat sheet.” Click here to hunt for that free resource now.

Of course, those are my affiliate link. I may get a referral fee if your purchase anything on those pages.

Okay, now that I have introduced you to Jimmy D. Brown, I will tell you a little-known fact about him.

He is the man who started the PLR industry as you know it today.

His content is innovation at the finest level.

You won’t find the content of this high of quality outside of the resell rights industry.

Okay, I won’t hold you up any longer.

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2 Step Formula for Million Dollar Copy

Gary Halberts 2 Step Formula for Million Dollar Copy Writing Success What is the 2 Step Formula for Million Dollar Copy? It's def...