Writing copy with the success doctor Micheal Fortin

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Writing copy with the success doctor Micheal Fortin

Video review coming soon

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Screenshot from the Video

  • Micheal talks about writing a million dollar sales letter for traffic secrets. The letter actually made a million dollars in one day
  • How Michael met Sylvia and incorporated his business with hers
  • What Michaels business focuses on today and why you should be too.
  • Have you ever seen a humble copywriter? Micheal is one of the most humble.
  • What is copy and how to make sales from it?
  • What should your message be and how can you connect with the right audience.
  • Why telling stories is o.k. but what you should do instead.
  • Copywriting comes down to two things; you'll learn what these two things are and how to profit from it fast.
  • The best way to dig out that special hidden gem in your product or service that will force people to buy from you. Gary Halbert style interview you can do this by yourself.
  • If you're a copywriter you'll discover Why questionnaires are important and why you need to use them in your business.
  • How to put together a questionnaire and what four questions you must ask before you even start to write sales copy.
  • Do you know the level of awareness of your market? Micheal talks about his O.A.T.H. system to generate more sales from mobile buyers and desktop buyers and what you need to do to focus your copy on both types of buyers.
  • How long should your copy be? You'll be surprised by Micheals answer and why you are doing it all wrong.
  • How to handle rejection while getting started as a copywriter.
  • Are sales letters dead? Find out how to get Micheals "Death of a Sales Letter," FREE and find out for yourself.
  • Micheal tells the story of how he got the nickname "The Success Doctor." A great and inspiring story can't miss it.
  • Video sales letter and what you should be doing instead.
  • How to effectively use A.I.D.A. in your VSL that will increase sales and more importantly credibility.
  • When to use VSL's and when you should use the written word.
  • Why you should be a Psychic Copywriter. Micheal tells you how to give interactive information your prospect is looking for. If you don't know this, you may be out of business next week.
  • Are webinars dead? Hardly, Micheal tells you how they have evolved and where you should focus your efforts.
  • How to effectively use Udemy and other platforms like it to your advantage. This alone is worth the cost of the video interview.
  • There's money to be made in project management but one of Micheals business "Work 4Hire" is a project facilitation company and he tells you what it is and what they do today.
  • How you can take advantage of the App market and profit wildly!

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Powerful Viral Marketing Idea

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The Most Powerful Viral Marketing Idea Ever!

Harvey Segal, best known as the ClickBank Master Marketing Guru, with more products than I can count such as his famous ClickBank Super Tips eBooks, Super tips success forum, and a host of resell rights products.

Harvey was one of the first marketing geniuses that I happened to stumble upon back in 2006. I credit Harvey Segal, introducing me to the world of affiliate marketing. 

"When I first saw this I could not help myself as a marketer to take a look. After all, on the first three lines, it said download for free. Why not check this Super Tip Out." Scott, states.

Harvey's viral eBook "the Ultimate Super Tip," where Harvey's marketing genius made all other guru's stop to take notice.

It is a free report. 36 pages in all that explain his famous ultimate super tip viral marketing strategy in-depth that is so powerful it still works even a decade later.
Inside you will learn:

·     The very Best strategy to promote any product in any niche online. 

·     The no-cost ebook discusses must needed tools, resources, and how other Guru's market bank 100% commissions.

·     This Guide indirectly reveals which is better and more profitable Private Label Rights or Resell Right products. You'll be surprised by the answer on page 4.

·     The guide also includes the quickest way to make money online (this will make you jump out of your chair... it's that good!)

"A viral twist that will have any serious marketer racing to click that magic button inside and probably won't be able to sleep for the next 48 hours. It's real I experienced it myself." 

Ultimate Super Tip FAQ:

Q: Will this work for affiliate marketers?
A: Chapter Two reveals Harvey’s ultimate strategy for promoting any product. Affiliate marketers will do very well to pay attention and possibly re-read this chapter.
Q: I am an auto mechanic and want to promote through CPA marketing and my own videos. Will this help?
A: Yes especially for promoting your demonstration videos. I recommend reading the whole eBook. Ideas will begin popping into your head like water in hot oil. Have a pen and paper handy to write all of them down and take action.
Q: I am a real estate agent/broker I don’t think an internet marketing product be it free or otherwise can help getting new clients.
A: Wrong thinking. Marketing is marketing, be it Internet or offline traditional. I have written several eBooks for the real estate market. Agents, brokers, and investors. If they had read the Ultimate Super Tip and apply the strategy laid out in those pages they would have had more clients and sales than they would want.

I could go on and on. But I bet by now you want to read the Ultimate Super Tip for yourself instead of reading all of my blabbers. You won’t have to sign up to a list although, I do recommend reading the page.

In this short (37 page) - and free - ebook Harvey has managed to include one unique idea after another on a wide variety of topics starting with his controversial stance on search engines and moving on to

- Getting traffic to your site
- Preselling with free ebooks
- Preselling with articles
- Autoresponders and follow up campaigns
- Ad tracking
- Affiliate marketing
- ClickBank
- Viral marketing
- PDF book creation
- Ebook rebranding
- Creating niche sites
- Resale rights

He even throws in an amazing viral idea at the end...

Click here to claim your free copy of the Internets #1 Viral Traffic idea ever!

2 Step Formula for Million Dollar Copy

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Gary Halberts 2 Step Formula for Million Dollar Copy Writing Success

What is the 2 Step Formula for Million Dollar Copy?
It's definitely not your usual blog post on copywriting. For one thing, it will take you over 6 hours to digest this post. 

I highly suggest that you bookmark this site. That way you can come back to it.

"Million Dollar Copy" is different. It isn't a technique or a process. It's a way of thinking, a way of approaching copy that significantly increases your results.

I had spent the day cleaning, painting, decorating and installing my wife's new washer and dryer in the laundry room. It was after midnight when I posted and I wasn't in my right mind.
Actually, it was pretty stupid, and after writing this formula out I know now that I am really stupidly retarded.


Because... I could have packaged this up in a nice product and sold it.

You decide what it is worth.

That my friend is up to you to decide after you finish reading.

Now I am going to ask you to do two things for me.

First ...

 What I want you to do is sign up to the RSS or post a comment on this post.

or both.

You can say anything that you want to say but the one thing that I want you to put in the comment area below is how much you think this information is really worth to you?


The second thing I would like you to do is go to this link and like my FB page.
that's it. I like to bounce Idea's off my friends when I am working on a product or copywriting idea. I would love to bounce idea's off of you. So, if you would like that sort of thing then like my page and comment below.

True to my word, I am going to hand to you on a golden charger today...

Gary Halberts 2 Step Formula for Million dollar Copy Writing Success.

I don't care how many books you've read, how many interviews you have to listen too, or letters you've written. I'm willing to bet that you're one of the 99.8% of marketers and writers who don't really "Get" what makes the true million-dollar copy.

 Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton and the few others of crazy Top Notch copywriting rebels that have the balls to create powerful magnetic campaigns for their own products and more importantly someone else, that creates such a "Got to have it desires" with the buying public they are willing to take out a third mortgage on their home, dip into their children's college fund, or even, almost... sell their souls to get what is pitch to them in print whether online or offline consistently.

This is "Million Dollar Copy Writing"

Wife Of Famous Movie Star Swears
Under Oath Her New Perfume Does Not
Contain An Illegal Sexual Stimulant!

By the way, even if you've written copy that has sold $1,000,000 or more
If you think about what you're about to read here and test it in your writing and marketing you may quickly become one of the 2% who really gets the "Big Idea".

Gary Halbert, was a thinker, a tinker of his own mind and others. He wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty either. He was a tester too. In my post, I gave you two bullet points that reflect the power mind of Sir Halbert.

The first one about making $98,000 in a few short hours with a simple email.

 I listened to GH himself tell in an interview orchestrated by Micheal Fortain that he made after mailing his list. Right now I am on a new computer so, I haven't transferred my 200 gigs of information and swipe files over.

 I am playing this by memory.

 I don't remember what kind of product he was offering.

The perfume was for "Tova Borgnine" and according to his son Bond Halbert, Gary was working on her campaign when he saw an ad for making your own perfume. When he found out the main ingredient for perfume and the scent that most women like he himself had a jeweler make a nice bottle for him and created his formula perfume for her.

Gary then wrote her campaign spending a few months in thought and a half a day writing the copy for the space ad that literally had the Fire Marshall's and police department almost close down Tova's perfume debut.

You really couldn't make this stuff up.

2Step Formula

The hotel I believe was the Ritz Carlton and Tova rented a hall that held 7,000 people and officials were sending thousands away after the hall was filled to capacity. It almost caused a riot. I might be wrong about the name of the hotel like I said...

(writing this on the fly with none of my research.)

Gary had a 2 step process or formula for creating not only Million Dollar Copy, but the 2 step process has nothing to do with writing.

The writing process is secondary to these 2 skills you need to master.

Skill #1 The Marketers "Big Idea" Mindset:

 Listening intently to your client according to Gary, in his newsletter "The Big Idea," and from his son Bond, had a childlike interest in listening to his clients about there product.

He would throw question after question until his client's life was about all suck out of him. Ok, that was a little intense, but he would have an all day long questions session hammering them about there product taking it apart to it's most basic elements and then try to figure out how to build it back.

Dwelling on all of the facts that he pulled from his client's brain and there begins the process of a million dollar copy writer's mindset.

Gary would spend weeks in this process alone.

He probably had several notebooks filled with idea's that he would play out in his mind.

This is considered the perfect "money getting campaign."

Bond had said in one of his commentaries, Gary would be doing something else- washing the dishes when the Big Idea would strike. He would stop what he was doing and write the idea down. This process leads to...

Step #2 Patience of a Million Dollar Copy Writer

It takes time to research.

I should say it takes time and lot's of patience to research a product until you have extracted all of the nuggets and swept the dust fragments from the floor.

You can research like Gary once did until you knew that pizza, wasn't just a pizza anymore.

 The "Conception" a pizza that is far tastier, with the freshest ingredients that this earth can produce.

So, what makes your pizza better than Moe's?

It is not the ingredients, because Moe's has the same vendors as you do.

It is not the special sauce your grandma Ida passed down.

What makes your pizza so much better, tastier, fresher, and cheaper than your competitors?

 It is your story.

Yes, you need to find out or research the history of your products,.
Digging deep until you find the big idea that will change your product from coal to a diamond.

I have seen many Copywriters, ask 10 questions about a product and come back a few days later with a sales letter in hand.

Does the letter create sales?
Yes, it probably does.

However, does it create magnetic sales like Gary's campaign?
The perfume that Halbert created for Tova, in 1982, was still selling on QVC a decade later. Can we say that about our products?

It is in these two area's, The Marketers "Big Idea" mindset and Patience of a Million Dollar Copy Writer that makes the difference between a mediocre copywriter and a Million dollar Copywriter.

It isn't luck and it isn't being in the right place at the right time.
Sir Gary of Halbert, has stated that if you learn how to write good copy it wouldn't matter what kind of economic upheavals you are in.

You will always be able to make sales through copywriting.

That isn't a direct quote, by the way.

Like I have said, even veteran copywriters miss these two easy steps.
It makes a world of difference.

HEy did you like this post?

So, how much was the Big Idea worth to you?

Don't forget to leave a comment below and subscribe to the RSS feed.

P.S. Following is the interviews of Gary Halbert that inspired this post.

Interview #1

Interview #2

Interview #3

Interview #4

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Writing copy with the success doctor Micheal Fortin

Writing copy with the success doctor Micheal Fortin Video review coming soon Learn from a legend in website Copywriting, click here now...