10 Built-in ways to Make Money from your website

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Welcome to “10 Built-in ways to make money from your website,” page.
It hasn’t gone unnoticed that bloggers want to make money from their sites but…
They just don’t know exactly how to do it.
Many imitate what others are doing and this could be disastrous.
You don’t know what is going on behind the scenes.
Is the blogger posting regularly?
What kind of traffic is the blog getting?
Are they using paid sources or outsourcing?
And the list could go on, and on.

This is where this page will help you make money from your site.
In essence, you’re going to discover 10 built in ways that will make your webpage pop!

For the skimmer…
Here is what will be covered on this page:
1.      How to covertly add money pages to your blog that attract visitors like bears to honey.
2.      How and where to add money buttons that get clicks and what you should do instead of linking to an affiliate or product offer.
3.      How Freebies can get your blog even more traffic and money while looking like a hero instead of a zero blogger.
4.      How to build your list without looking like a list whore or worse a spammer.
5.      How to build in special time-sensitive offers into your blog
6.      How one properly positioned graphic strategy taken from “Block Buster Video,” can attract more clicks, than the latest “Star Wars,” Trailer on YouTube.
7.      How to build an easy way for your readers to navigate your blog without having to be a pushy offer harlot.
8.      How to sell, without selling, for resellers, Private Label Rights developers and products creators that blog frequently.
9.      How not to pay a king’s ransom for design elements that you can easily do yourself, but better you’ll learn these simple tricks.
10.  Learn a nasty little secret to "cross-link & multiply" your way to wealth. Only used by the bravest, or possibly craziest, Bloggers.
Stop skimming right now and start learning what you would learn inexpensive $500 courses.
Free of charge of course.
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The secret is out, that you shouldn’t send your visitors directly to an affiliate offer.
Now we’ll look at how blogging can help you bank more money…

Use Blogger or WordPress. There are plenty of blogging solutions for you to choose from, including installed software and third-party hosted solutions.
Two of the best platforms is the self-hosted Word Press platform, which you can find at www.wordpress.org, and Googles “blogger,” which is free.

Here are five reasons why word Press is a good choice:

It’s easy to install out of the box. It's as simple as clicking a button.
It takes no time to start blogging, even for someone without any technical skills.
It’s highly customizable and that means there are a lot of different routes you can take to make your site more unique.
It’s frequently updated and you can automate the process. Just remember to back up your blog.
There are plenty of themes, and plugins you can add for easier function and make your blog stand out from all the others.

By choosing WordPress and you’ll spend less time managing your blog… Don’t know how to install a blog? For the DIY’ers, look it up on Youtube.com or hire someone from Fiverr.com or Upwork.com.

Install the best plugins. The best word press plugins allow you do to things like cutting down on spam, encourage visitors to become interactive and boost your conversion rates by automatically recommending related content elsewhere on your blog.
When I had my WP blog set up I had three sets of rules for plugins:

Only install if it helps speed up your blog
Only install if it helps secure your blog
Only install if it helps make you money

Don’t go crazy installing a ton of plugins, remember rule one.
Plugins will slow down your blog.
So, how many plugins should I install on my blog?
That’s a good question but I don’t have that answer. Although I encourage you to read this blog post titled “What word press plugins are vital to the success of your blog.

Create a “product of the week” or “featured post” section on your blog. You can keep your blog fresh by creating a “featured post” section that highlights a new product every week. To see an example of this special feature, check the navigation at the top of the page that say’s “Product Spotlight.”
The Product spotlight will take you to an affiliate offer.
Offer multi-media. NLP teaches us that different people have different learning styles. That means that some prefer to learn by reading text products, others prefer to listen to audio instructions and still, others prefer hands-on, emotion-based learning. And that means if you use multi-media content – which includes text, audio, AND video – you have a better chance of appealing to a wider audience.

Extra Tip: As an added bonus, offering multi-media also allows you to reach out to those with sight or hearing disabilities.

Encourage discussion and participation. If you encourage discussion on your blog, then you create a sense of community. Not only that but getting your readers to interact with you helps you build a relationship with them. Both of these things result in more affiliate commissions for you.

Here’s how to get interactive members:

Ø  Blog about something controversial and ask for comments. People tend to reply when it’s an emotional topic.

Example: Ask your dog blog readers which breed is smarter: border collies or poodles?

Ø  Ask for feedback. This feedback could be about a report you’re writing or even about the features on your blog. Doesn’t matter. The point is to get your readers talking to you.

Ø  Email your list to tell them about a new blog post. Be sure to ask for their comments.

Ø  Run a commenting contest.

Example: Ask your readers to write 100 on a niche-related topic. Best post wins a product.

Post interviews with product creators. Here’s a nifty way to boost commissions: Interview the product creator and use your affiliate link to pitch the product at the end. Then post the interview on your blog.

Extra Tip: You can post either text or audio interviews. If you’re doing an audio interview, you can give your blog and newsletter readers access to the live call.

Let’s suppose you’re selling a weight loss ebook. You can ask the product creator about one aspect of losing weight, such as how to boost metabolism. Then you point to the book for more information on that topic (as well as weight loss in general).

Blog regularly. Have you ever visited a blog where you noticed the last posting date was months or even years ago? Even if the content is good, you probably didn’t read any further than the front page (since it’s easy to assume the content is outdated). And you definitely wouldn’t visit again.

Likewise, your traffic wouldn’t bother visiting again if your blog looks abandoned. And that’s why you need to post often.

Posting regularly – about once a week – helps make your blog “sticky” (meaning you get more repeat visitors) and it helps you build a relationship with your readers. Bottom line: More affiliate sales!

Post case studies. Another way to boost conversions is to offer some sort of proof that the product works. And you can do that by posting case studies on your blog.


·         You’re selling a traffic course. You can post a live case study of how much traffic you received by using the product. For best results, including progress pictures (before and after pictures or screenshots). For a live case study of this example click here.

Create a live journal. Instead of posting an “after the fact” case study, you can create a live journal where your post your progress and results using a certain product.


·         You’re selling a search engine optimization product. You can use the step-by-step instructions to optimize your own site for the search engines and post your results as your page rises up in the rankings over the course of three months.

·         You’re selling a “be a better photographer” product. You can create a one-week journal where you take pictures daily to show how your skills are improving.


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